Addiction Treatment Programs in Clifton, NJ

Addiction to alcohol or drugs is a chronic disease. It can seldom be effectively managed without spending time in drug and alcohol treatment programs. Even though there is no cure for substance addiction, it can be managed with abstinence. Addiction treatment programs in Clifton give sufferers the tools they need to ward off relapse.

With multiple therapies, addiction specialists can help sufferers reach the long-term recovery they crave. If you are suffering with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, treatment programs in Clifton offer the therapy you need to lead a sober life.

Overview of Addiction Treatment Therapy

Addiction treatment programs begin once medical detox is complete. Medical detox severs the addiction sufferer's physical dependency on drugs or alcohol. On the other hand, addiction treatment programs help sufferers overcome their mental and behavioral dependencies on the addictive substance.

Treatment programs in Clifton include multi-type therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy and group counseling where sufferers learn to manage their triggers and identify self-destructive behaviors. Therapists will work with recovering individuals to help them understand that temptations will occur once they return to their everyday lives, but with newly learned coping strategies, they can successfully overcome these temptations.

Our relapse prevention programs in Clifton provide patients with these coping skills to prevent relapse and manage their emotional stability in every aspect of their life. These programs are designed to help addicts to identify relapse triggers and cope with them correctly so that they know that they no longer have to turn to substance abuse as a temporary solution.

Addiction treatment programs in Clifton include various therapy models. For example, models like motivational interviewing help sufferers ward off relapse through positive encouragement. Instead of forcing addiction sufferers to change, therapists try to motivate the person to embrace new patterns of thinking and to tap into their belief systems for guidance.

Drug and alcohol treatment programs include different types of treatment models because addiction sufferers have different needs. One therapy may prove more effective for an individual than another.

Other Addiction Treatment Programs

While traditional therapies like individual and group counseling have long helped addiction sufferers manage their disease, there are new and alternative treatment programs for addiction that can help sufferers reach long-term recovery. Family therapy, for example, is a popular treatment that can provide support to addiction sufferers and their families.

Treatment programs in Clifton include family therapy because therapists understand what a pivotal role family members can play during the recovery proves. During family therapy, the family members learn to provide healthy types of support for their suffering loved one. They learn about the disease of addiction and how to help their loved one best manage this chronic illness.

Art therapy is another popular form of addiction treatment. Art therapy is designed to help addiction sufferers who find it difficult to express themselves verbally. Art therapy relies on artistic mediums rather than words alone. Therapists help participants express their feelings through the medium of art. The artistic process often proves cathartic so many drug and alcohol treatment programs include this form of therapy in their offerings.

Another increasingly popular alternative addiction treatment is equine therapy. During this type of treatment, participants learn about self-discipline in the context of caring for a horse. Therapists use the horse as a medium to teach addiction sufferers about self-care and the care of another living thing. If you are interesting in participating in equine therapy, an addiction treatment center can help you find a program in the Clifton area.

Why You Need to Enter Rehab

If you are living with a substance addiction, you are unlikely to recover without help. Addiction to prescription drugs, illicit drugs, or alcohol can wreak havoc on a person's physical and psychological health. Addiction treatment programs help sufferers overcome the physical, mental, and behavioral dependencies they have on alcohol or drugs.

Treatment programs for addiction offer addiction sufferers various forms of treatment in an inpatient or outpatient setting. You can choose a program that meets your specific needs.

After completing treatment programs in Clifton, it's also helpful to attend aftercare programming that can include continued counseling, participation in 12-step programs, restorative yoga classes, or another type of program that can help recovering individuals ward off relapse. Additionally, some addiction sufferers find that spending time living in a half-way house or sober-living community can help them successfully navigate their recovery journey.

Addiction may be a complex disease, but today's innovative treatments and therapies can be extremely effective for disease management. By learning how to manage triggers in drug and alcohol treatment programs, recovering individuals can find the support they need to lead a different type of lifestyle, one that is free from the negative forces of addictive substances.

If you are living with addiction, be sure to investigate addiction treatment programs in Clifton so you can find therapies that will support your recovery journey. Call Clifton Drug Rehab Centers at (862) 260-8994 to speak with an addiction specialist.

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