Drug Addiction Intervention in Clifton, NJ

Substance addiction is a terrible disease that takes a toll on the sufferer's health and overall well-being, but it also impacts the sufferer's family and friends too. It can be incredibly painful to watch a loved one succumb to the destructive forces of drugs and alcohol, but drug intervention in Clifton can help family urge their loved one to seek the treatment they desperately need to manage their disease.

If your loved one is suffering with substance addiction, drug intervention programs give you the tools and resources you need to stage an intervention, a necessary meeting that could help save your loved one's life.

What Is a Drug Intervention for Addiction?

While many families are aware that a drug intervention is a form of confrontation used to encourage an addiction sufferer to enter a rehab program, they may not be aware that there are various types of drug intervention models. Some models are designed to be less confrontational than others. Depending on your loved one, you can select a model that seems best for them and your family.

Drug intervention in Clifton may take either an informal or formal approach. An informal approach is when family members and friends meet with their loved one to encourage them to enter addiction treatment. A formal approach is an intervention that's performed under the guidance of a professional interventionist from a drug intervention center.

Drug intervention in Clifton doesn't always have to include family members. Sometimes a co-worker or friend will initiate the drug addiction intervention. Essentially, the goal of the intervention is not to ambush or berate the individual, but to strongly encourage them to seek help for their disease.

If the addict also suffers from any underlying psychological conditions that may have aided in their addiction, that too will be addressed in an intervention. Our dual diagnosis treatment programs in Clifton can help to treat both the mental and addiction issues.

Drug intervention for addiction often features an educational component because sufferers may not be entirely aware that their alcoholism or drug addiction is, in fact, a disease that requires multi-type treatment and not merely a stint in detox. An interventionist or addiction specialist can provide you with material to help you inform your loved one about their disease and how their drinking or drug use is wreaking havoc on their physical and mental health -- not to mention other aspects of their life.

How to Stage a Drug Intervention

First, it's important for families to select a drug intervention model they can base their own intervention on. Some models may include the reading of letters while others may employ a strong educational component. Because some families dislike the surprise aspect of drug intervention programs, they might even use a model that calls for them to invite their loved one to the meeting before it's set to take place.

With the assistance of an interventionist, your drug intervention in Clifton can take a form of your choosing. You'll most likely want to plan all aspects of the intervention in advance. It's important to line up drug rehab intervention treatment for your loved one so they can literally drop everything and enter the program after the meeting. If left to mull it over, many addiction sufferers will put off treatment, so it's important to get them to the addiction treatment center just as soon as they agree to get help.

Who Should Be Part of an Intervention?

Drug intervention in Clifton often involves family members, but it's not unusual for close friends or a respected colleague to take part too. Family members who have been most strongly impacted by their loved one's life choices often wish to attend, but it's important that everyone understands the underlying goal, which is to encourage them into treatment and not to assail them with guilt.

There will be time to work through family issues during the long recovery process, but a drug intervention is required mainly to get the addiction sufferer into a certified rehab program. If you're concerned about the meeting going off track, it's recommended to invite a trained interventionist to lead your drug intervention in Clifton.

Staging a drug addiction intervention can work if your loved one is even remotely open to the possibility of treatment. If they refuse to ignore your encouragement, it's important that you do not give up. It may be that it will take time for the confrontation to sink it, and they may come around to the idea in time.

Your trained interventionist may also have other useful strategies that you can try. In some cases, a doctor can help families place their loved one in a rehab center even if the addiction sufferer does not want to go voluntarily, but these situations require certain conditions to be met. Our addiction specialist or doctor can discuss this route if it should come to that.

Getting into treatment is the only way an addict will be able to manage their disease. By staging a drug intervention, you can firmly encourage them to get the help they need to protect their physical and mental health.

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