Drug Withdrawal Treatment in Clifton, NJ

Suffering from withdrawal symptoms is a sure sign of substance addiction. People who abuse alcohol or drugs can develop an addiction that requires multi-type treatments that address the complex aspects of this disease. Without addiction treatment, this chronic disease will progress and continue to negatively impact the addiction sufferer's physical and mental health. With drug withdrawal treatment in Clifton, addicts can safely undergo the medical detox process and obtain the treatments they need to manage their addiction recovery for the long term.

Withdrawal isn't a pleasant experience, so drug withdrawal treatment facilities are equipped to reduce their severity and help them achieve the sobriety they crave. The medical professionals at our drug detox center in Clifton ease these painful symptoms so that the addict doesn't have to suffer any more than they already have in their past active addiction.

What Is Drug Addiction Withdrawal?

Withdrawal is a syndrome that occurs when the body does not get the addictive substance it craves. Addicts can experience withdrawal symptoms even after just a short lapse form their last usage of the addictive substance. Some people suffering from alcoholism may begin to experience mild withdrawal symptoms like tremors or headache after going just two hours without a drink. Drug withdrawal treatment in Clifton is designed to deal with these symptoms to relieve the suffering they cause.

Some drugs produce significant physical withdrawal symptoms like nausea and chills, while others may produce more pronounced mental withdrawal symptoms like anxiety or depression. These withdrawal symptoms are the body's way of telling the sufferer that it craves the addictive substance in question. Although symptoms can begin as mild, they can progress to be extremely severe--and even life threatening. Without continued use of the addictive substance, withdrawal is likely to occur, but with drug withdrawal treatment options, addicts can get clean with less discomfort than ever owing to advanced treatments and medications.

What Are Drug Addiction Withdrawal Symptoms?

Drug addiction withdrawal includes both emotional and physical symptoms. Emotional symptoms include headaches, depression, restlessness, anxiety, reduced concentration, and irritability. Physical symptoms of withdrawal include tremors, nausea, vomiting, sweating, muscle tension, and difficulties breathing. Racing heart and palpitations can also occur during withdrawal from an addictive substance.

In some cases, withdrawal can progress to include dangerous health complications like seizures, hallucinations, thoughts of suicide, dehydration, delirium tremens, and even heart attack. Drug withdrawal treatment programs offer therapies to minimize withdrawal symptoms so that they do not lead to serious or life-threatening complications. With drug withdrawal treatment in Clifton, addicts can get help through the difficult withdrawal process.

Why Enter a Drug Withdrawal Treatment Facility?

Withdrawal is uncomfortable. Many addicts know that, but what they may not know is that withdrawal can lead to serious health complications, which is why it's essential to go through drug addiction withdrawal at a certified drug withdrawal treatment facility that's operated by trained medical staff and addiction specialists. As withdrawal symptoms set in during the medical detox process, addicts will be treated with medications that can minimize the severity of withdrawal symptoms. These treatments can also shorten the duration of the drug addiction withdrawal period.

Drug withdrawal treatment centers ensure that patients undergoing medical detox are monitored 24/7 so that if any health issues arise, they can be dealt with immediately within the medical setting. During this initial phase of drug addiction treatment, addicts will be made as comfortable as possible as they are carefully weaned from the addictive substance in question. Drug withdrawal treatment in Clifton includes treatment for withdrawal symptoms as well as subsequent therapies designed to help recovering individuals ward off cravings for drugs or alcohol and learn to manage their triggers.

Upon arrival for drug withdrawal treatment in Clifton, patients will be carefully evaluated so that they can receive custom treatments for their withdrawal symptoms. During this evaluation, addiction specialists will be able to recommend a comprehensive treatment plan that will help the patient manage their addiction and reach long-term recovery.

Make the Right Call to Clifton Drug Rehab Centers

It's important for addicts to remember that progressing through the drug addiction withdrawal phase is only the first step in their recovery journey. More treatments and therapies are required to help them combat the complex issues behind their addiction. Moreover, even after inpatient therapies, aftercare is typically required to ensure that recovering individuals don't suffer a relapse and return to using alcohol or drugs.

Because addicts are so prone to relapse, we offer relapse prevention programs in Clifton that show addicts how to develop coping skills with high-stress situations. With these coping skills, an addict is less likely to go to drug and alcohol for relief of their issues.

If you or a loved one is experiencing withdrawal symptoms, you definitely need help managing your addiction. Our drug withdrawal treatment programs can provide the professional help you need to detox safely under the supervision of our medical professionals.

With disease management, you can protect yourself from the destructive forces of substance addiction. The sooner you begin addiction treatment, the sooner you can enjoy recovery. Call Clifton Drug Rehab Centers now to speak with an addiction specialist. (862) 260-8994.

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