Drug Detox in Clifton, NJ

According to medical experts, substance addiction is a disease that requires advanced, multi-type treatments to effectively manage. Without medical help, this chronic and usually progressive condition will seriously affect a sufferer's physical and mental health. With drug detox in Clifton, individuals suffering with an addiction to drugs or alcohol can get the professional help they need to put this disease in check.

Upon entry to a drug detox treatment facility, individuals will be evaluated so that a customized treatment regimen can be established. If you are living with a substance abuse disorder or fear you are addicted to alcohol or drugs, be sure to get the help you need right away at a professional drug detox treatment center.

What Is Drug Detox?

Drug detox is a medical procedure whereby individuals are carefully weaned of an addictive substance under the discretion of medical staff. Detoxing is not a pleasant process, but it is necessary in order for the person to become free of the physical dependency on a drug or alcohol. Drug detox in Clifton is a safe way to break the physical connection to alcohol, an illicit drug, or a prescription drug that an individual has developed an addiction to. During the medical detox process, sufferers will be carefully monitored to ensure that they are comfortable and that no serious health complications arise.

Cognitive behavioral therapy and other treatments must invariably follow up the drug detox process. Sufferers should remember that medical detox only impacts the physical dependency on the addictive substance.

Addiction is far more complex and involves behavioral and psychological aspects, too, that must be treated if relapse is to be avoided. Without this type of comprehensive treatment, sufferers are at risk to return to their drug or alcohol use even after medical detox has been completed. Long-term treatment gives recovering individuals the best chance for managing their triggers and preventing relapse. Our relapse prevention programs in Clifton are also worth looking into, as we provide addicts with the tools to develop coping skills that they can use in every aspect of their lives, let alone in recovery.

Drug Detox Withdrawal Symptoms

It's vital for people to undergo the drug detox process at a certified drug detox treatment center. When one undergoes detox, withdrawal symptoms will inevitably set in. These symptoms can be very severe. It's not uncommon for sufferers to experience tremors, nausea, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and loss of appetite.

As these symptoms escalate in severity, they could cause serious health complications like dehydration, seizures, and heart irregularities. When undergoing drug detox treatment, sufferers will be prescribed medications that significantly reduce the intensity of their withdrawal symptoms. Medications and other treatments can make the detox process for more comfortable than otherwise.

If you begin to experience withdrawal symptoms, it's important to get to a hospital or drug detox treatment facility where your health can be monitored and your symptoms can be treated. When you undergo drug detox in Clifton, you can count on experienced medical professionals seeing you through this process every step of the way.

Why Seek Treatment at a Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers?

If you are contemplating entry to drug detox programs, you should not hesitate if you have a drug or alcohol abuse problem. You may have many excuses as to why this isn't the "right" time to obtain drug detox in Clifton. You might have a job and family that needs you. However, by delaying treatment, you put important aspects of your life at risk -- including your own mental and physical health.

When it comes to substance addiction, overdose is always a risk. Many alcohol and drug users believe they have their "problem" under control and yet, more than 50,000 people each year die because of drug overdose. To avoid becoming an overdose statistic, you must begin the drug detox process without delay.

Addiction treatment available at our drug detox treatment facility can help you manage your condition. Yes -- addiction is incurable, but it can be put into check once and for all through abstinence. Medical experts agree that abstinence is the only way to effectively manage the disease of substance addiction. Our other addiction treatment programs in Clifton also shed more light on this subject.

The underlying compulsions to drink or use drugs are incredibly, even insidiously powerful. Addiction sufferers cannot manage these compulsions without professional assistance and a stint in a drug detox program.

If you live in or around Clifton, you can get the multi-type addiction treatment you need to manage your illness and avoid relapse. Drug detox treatment is a safe process when you undergo it in a medical facility such as an addiction treatment center. To learn more about the process and available treatments, be sure to meet with an addiction specialist at our drug detox treatment facility as soon as possible. Call us at (862) 260-8994.

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